Statement by the US Treasury Secretary to Raise Bitcoin


Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin of the United States (USA) announced that the USA needs more incentives to reduce the effects of new types of coronavirus (Covid-19).

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin stated that the US economy needs financial incentives quickly to recover from the negative effects of the economic crisis created by the new type of coronavirus. The Minister stated that he will discuss the stimulus package with the Speaker of the House of Representatives NancyPelosi.

“Still Need Additional Support”

Mnuchin said that despite the resumption of business activity after the quarantine and the economy recovering slightly, some parts still need additional support. The pending offer, rather than a new one, said the minister could be discussed again. Mnuchin used the following statements:

“We will urgently create a package of relief for American employees.”

Incentive package negotiations were terminated 1 month ago. Since then, there has been no meeting between democrats and republicans.

According to analysts, after these statements, Bitcoin (BTC) price, especially ounce of gold and silver, may also increase. As we have previously reported, the previous incentive packages enabled the cryptocurrency market and gold to flourish. According to analysts, such packages can significantly increase the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You remember, most of the US first aid was invested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Most investors turned to Bitcoin due to the incentives of the Fed and other central banks.

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