Statement by Sony regarding the launch of PlayStation 5


PlayStation 5 fans are eagerly waiting for the release date and price information of the new console, as well as the announcements about the pre-order. Sony made a statement about the pre-order, which will be announced after the PlayStation 5 launch.

PlayStation 5 launch and announcement about pre-order

Like many companies, Sony and Microsoft had a problem of parts supply for their next generation game consoles due to the Corona virus. For this reason, both companies could not achieve the desired efficiency and had to reduce the number of production.

Sony has created a website for pre-ordering for existing PlayStation users. It has been announced on the website that the PlayStation 5 model, which is expected to be introduced at the end of the year, will be available for sale in a limited number after the launch.

The infrastructure of the website that users will use for PlayStation 5 pre-order has been designed to increase the chance of pre-ordering users who spend more time with the PlayStation 4 model.

Another reason for the announcement is that pre-order invitations are running out quickly. If the invitees do not rush to order, they may see that the next generation console has run out before they can complete their transactions.

The report published in April stated that the company could produce an average of 5-6 million PlayStation 5 between the launch and March 2021. After the announcement, some analysts think that the introduction date and price information will be made soon.

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