State Of Play: What Is Your Favorite Game Of The Event?


State Of Play: We ask you about your favorite game from the Sony event, with lots of new Japanese titles and surprises that we didn’t know about until now. The State of Play of this March 9 has left us with a few interesting announcements for the video game landscape, not just PlayStation. Konami, Square Enix or Capcom have not missed this appointment and have presented new projects that, depending on our tastes, may be some of the ones that we place ipso facto on the radar for the rest of the year.

What was your favorite State of Play game? you can vote below

Ninja Turtles Compilation; update for Returnal; Capcom’s mecha co-op action title Exoprimal; the return of JoJo’s with a fighting title from CyberConnect2… All this not to mention the new Forspoken trailer and the two big announcements from Square Enix, one of the most prominent publishers of the State of Play, with The DioField Chronicle and Valkyrie Elysium.

In this survey we invite you to choose your favorite game, the title that most caught your attention from everything shown in the twenty minutes of the PlayStation event. In addition, below we leave you a direct link with all the news that we have published in FreeGameTips about it. And which one do you prefer?