State of Decay 2 Confirms Homecoming Update Release Date


State of Decay 2: The zombie title is gearing up for this free content patch, which will add the Thrumbull map and more.Summer, heat and many video game events. One of the classics of the fairs in addition to E3 is undoubtedly Gamescom, which in its 2021 edition returns in digital format, at least until the coronavirus epidemic allows a face-to-face celebration (next year, for example). Be that as it may, as a prelude to the European event par excellence, the Xbox conference has arrived, which at MeriStation we have followed minute by minute. State of Decay 2 has had its moment with a trailer for the new content, Homecoming, which will be available from September 1. This update will be completely free for users who own the Juggernaut edition.

The game, which has reached 10 million players, will introduce a new version of the Thrumbull map, giving users the ability to navigate very wide scenarios. It should be noted that Xbox Game Pass members will also be able to enjoy the content without paying an additional euro. Below you can see the official trailer.

Xbox boss doesn’t want to imitate PlayStation strategy with exclusives

Since Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, replaced Don Mattrick, the changes began. The first of them was to bet on the PC as a platform, although that seems like a loss of exclusives. Years later, with the Xbox Game Pass service established, Spencer is committed to offering something different. Therefore, he refuses to imitate the PlayStation exclusive strategy and prefers to go his own way.

“Our strategy is not about trying to be like everyone else. Sometimes they pressure me with ‘where is your version of this or that game?’ ”, He commented in an interview with GamesRadar. The director pointed out that he has been in the industry for a long time and that he knows creators from all platforms. He considers that it is positive to do “something different” to what other systems do, because they are not in the sector “to create a green version of the platform of blue or red of the others”. In his place, his idea is to seek creativity from different points of view.


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