State emergency aid included 95 thousand people


On Thursday (29), the government confirmed the dates of credit and withdrawals of emergency aid for the 95 thousand people who underwent cadastral revaluations made this month. They will integrate the so-called Cycle 4 of the calendar for payment of beneficiaries of emergency aid, which starts tomorrow.

The amounts may be used, in the Caixa Tem app, for payment of slips, online purchases and or via payment with debit machines; withdrawals and transfers, however, will only be released on November 28.

The payment of emergency aid goes until December 31, when the program ends, regardless of how many installments the beneficiary received.


Tomorrow (30) Cycle 4 of payments begins (on November 1, the last beneficiaries of Cycle 3 receive). Check the digital savings savings credit dates and when withdrawals and transfers can be made.

Criteria for receiving aid

  • Have an income (per person) of a maximum of half a minimum wage, or family income of up to three wages
  • Be at least 18 years old (except for teenage mothers, who may claim assistance)
  • Not be beneficiary of other aids such as retirement, unemployment insurance
  • Not having found a job during the payment of the aid in the past months;
  • Have taxable income of a maximum of R $ 28,559.70 in 2019 and non-taxable or taxed directly at source (discount on payroll) of up to R $ 40,000 reais;
  • Not owning houses, land or other properties in the amount of R $ 300 thousand in 2019;
  • Not having been included this year in third party income tax returns (spouse, child or partner).

According to the government, there will be a monthly verification of the employment situation of the beneficiaries – a request from the Federal Audit Court (TCU).


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