State Aid to Citizens in the USA in 3 Weeks


US senators approved a $ 2 trillion incentive package to fight the Coronavirus the other day. The federal administration will provide financial aid to both citizens and major companies in line with this package.

Ready for Three Weeks
US Treasury Officer Steven Mnuchin made a statement about this newly approved incentive package and explained how the process would work.

In line with this package, citizens in the USA will be paid $ 1200 for individuals, $ 2400 for couples, and $ 500 for each child. By helping people with this money, the government will both give citizens enough money to meet basic needs and keep the economy alive.

According to the statements made by the Treasury Minister Mnuchin, these money will be received by the citizens within 3 weeks. Mnuchin says that they want to pay people as soon as possible, and hopes that this process will go smoothly.

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