Startup wants to recharge electric cars in 5 minutes


StoreDot wants to boost the spread of electric cars with the launch of a battery that can be fully recharged in five minutes, as stated by the CEO of Israeli startup Doron Myersdorf in an interview with AFP this Sunday (7).

To reduce the recharge time, the company made some changes to the component. The main one was to change the graphite on the anode of the lithium ion battery for silicon, which made it possible to leave the state of completely discharged at 100% charge in just five minutes plugged into the outlet.

According to the executive, the innovative battery, capable of competing with the fueling time of a conventional car at a fuel pump, will be essential to overcome any doubt regarding electrified vehicles, putting an end to the “autonomy anxiety” on the part of the drivers , who will no longer be afraid to stand in the middle of a trip without power.

Founded in 2012, the Israel-based company receives financial support from investors such as the German giant Daimler (owner of Mercedes-Benz), the Japanese electronics group TDK, the British oil company BP and the South Korean Samsung. The first batteries developed by her were intended for drones, scooters and cell phones.

Innovative battery launch

Specializing in ultra-fast charging, StoreDot is testing hundreds of prototypes of the first generation of the battery that recharges in five minutes, targeting the initial models to partner manufacturers and companies interested in testing the technology.

But the launch of the new component will not be for now. According to Myersdorf, it should take four to five years for them to become commercially usable, even because it is necessary to adapt the charging terminals to support extreme fast loading.

In parallel, the startup is working on the development of the second generation of the battery, which is more economical, which should cost about US $ 100 per kilowatt-hour, a value similar to that of a current conventional version.


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