Startup presents its electric car using ‘toy version’


Maple Majestic is the new battery-powered car from Canadian electric vehicle startup AK Motor International, presented online (due to the covid-19 pandemic, the traditional National Motor Show, an annual event since 1974, it was canceled for the first time) . The neat look (with the right to video) has a catch: it is a miniature car and not a real vehicle.


It is not the first time that the automaker has used this expedient: for the launch of the FSO Syrena in Canada, the tiny car originally from Poland was also presented via miniature (the vehicle was never produced in North America).


“Done for you”

Founded in 2012 by former industrial designer at the toy company Spin Master Arkadiusz Kaminski, AK Motor International promises a lot in its release statement for Maple Majestic: the all-electric vehicle would be one that would meet the demands of the Canadian consumer:

“A main feature of the vehicle will be a height-adjustable suspension, ranging from 140 mm to 290 mm in adverse conditions such as heavy snow. The longer wheelbase not only helps with stability on straight routes in adverse weather conditions but also improves rear passenger comfort, also allowing for potentially larger batteries on the floor – the vehicle can accommodate different battery sizes depending on the geographic location of the owner and expected driving habits. ”

In an article for Automotive News magazine, Kaminski stated that the price of Maple Majestic should be around C $ 150 thousand, which would put it above the niche currently disputed by the Model S of Tesla and Lucid Air.

Apart from the press release and the images produced of a miniature car, nothing is known about the innovative Canadian electric car – unless, apparently, it uses Playmobil wheels.


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