Startup builds houses with 3D printer in one week [video]


The American startup ICON, a company focused on the construction area, is gaining fame for building houses with 3D printing technology in just one week. The printer called Vulcan manages to create an 800 square meter structure with just US $ 10,000.

Currently, ICON is building four houses in the city of Austin, in the United States, which should be ready for sale in the amount of US $ 450 thousand (about R $ 2 million). According to the company, each structure – ranging from 92 to 185 square meters – took a maximum of seven days to be ready.

ICON CEO Gary O’Dell says the project must represent a major step towards the future and new technologies. “We want to change the way we build and live in community,” he says.

It is important to note that only the first floor of the houses was built exclusively with the 3D printer. Conventional construction materials were used on the other floors. To date, ICON has built 24 homes in the United States and Mexico, most of which are already inhabited. Seven were developed for homeless people in the city.

Ambitious plans

The startup should not be content with building houses only on planet Earth. The company is working closely with NASA to build research structures on the Moon and Mars to assist in space exploration in the future.



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