Started to explain the features of ZTE S30 Pro


ZTE gave the first information about the S series some time ago. The company has now started sharing details about the members of the series. A post from the company’s Weibo account allows you to see some key points about the ZTE S30 Pro.

It is possible to see the back panel of the phone in the shared promotional image. The 64-megapixel main camera stands out on the back panel, which has a gradient design. There are four cameras in total on the back of the phone.

There is also other information about the S30 Pro in the image. The OLED screen of the phone with a 144 Hz refresh rate will also host a 44-megapixel front camera. However, the front panel of the phone has not been seen for now. Therefore, it is not yet known whether the camera will be placed in the notch or the hole.

What is known about the ZTE S30 Pro is currently limited to this. However, it will not be a surprise that new details about the phone will emerge in the coming days.

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