Starship SN15: SpaceX Should Launch Rocket This Wednesday (05)


Starship SN15: This Wednesday (05), SpaceX should perform the test flight of the Starship SN15. The expectation is that the prototype will be launched by 10:00 pm (Brasília time) from a base located in the southern region of the state of Texas, in the United States.

The altitude test flight will be 10 km and the Federal Aviation Administration, the US agency responsible for regulating the sector, has already issued restriction notices in the area known as Boca Chica, in Cameron County.

In addition to the restriction on other flights, which continues until next Friday (7), an alert for the interdiction of roads in the County was issued. All the rules are necessary for the rocket to be able to launch.

The Nasa SpaceFlight channel on YouTube is already broadcasting the pre-event, which can be followed in the video below.

Initially, the SN15 was planned to go live in April. However, it is believed that climatic conditions (fog and bad weather) and technical issues ended up causing the mission to be postponed.

SpaceX’s goal is to test the rocket so that it can carry out orbital missions on the Moon and Mars, starting with our natural satellite in 2023. Recently, both the SN11 and the SN10 ended up exploding. In the case of SN10, however, the objective was achieved, since it landed smoothly, having exploded a few minutes after the feat.


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