Starlink will be in many parts of the world


Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet service, has plans to be present in most parts of the Earth by the end of 2021. The information was revealed by CEO Elon Musk via Twitter.

Thus, the company expects the service to reach all corners of the planet in 2022. Musk also revealed that his team is working to double the speed of broadband to 300 Mbps and reduce latency to about 20 ms.

The CEO of SpaceX indicates that Starlink’s next step is to “thicken coverage” after it is technically available worldwide. According to the company, the service should be limited in large cities because “the bandwidth per cell is not high enough”.

Apparently, the proposal will be to serve customers in locations where telecommunications companies have problems transmitting the signal. Therefore, users who rely on DSL internet or satellite services will benefit from the new network.

“It is important to note that cell phones will always have an advantage in dense urban areas. Satellites are better for areas of low to medium population density, ”explained Musk on Twitter.

Starlink in Brazil

This month, Starlink started accepting reservations from potential consumers in Curitiba, capital of Paraná. According to the first information, users will be able to access beta tests and orders will be fulfilled in order of registration.

“Starlink is targeting coverage in its area at the end of 2021”, indicates the description on the website. The subscription fee will be US $ 99 (about R $ 555) and users need to purchase a kit with antenna and router for US $ 499 (R $ 2,678).

For more information on how to book SpaceX’s internet service, click here!


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