Starlink: SpaceX Satellites Create Lights in The Brazilian Sky


Starlink: This Wednesday (19), around 6:30 pm, the Starlink satellites could be seen “walking” across the sky in Brazil. Seen on previous opportunities, satellites are part of SpaceX’s project to create a global internet network.

As in other opportunities, satellites were seen traveling in a row and lighting up the sky in Brazil. SpaceX has already opened a service registration page for Brazilian users, although it has not detailed when or if the internet will, in fact, be made available in the country.

Brazilians who were able to follow the passage of the satellites have published the experience on social networks. Starlink satellites can be followed by the Find Starlink platform, available both on the web and for Android and iOS applications. This is a good tool for tracking passages and capturing images.

Since satellites move quickly, it is possible that many end up not seeing it at all times – in addition to the fact that time can impact visibility. Typically, they fly in this formation lined up between 30 and 40 units. In launches, more and more traditional, SpaceX usually sends groups of 60 satellites into orbit.


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