Starlink: SpaceX Launches Another 60 Satellites This Tuesday (4)


Starlink: On Tuesday (4), space exploration company SpaceX launched 60 more satellites from the Starlink project into space. The rocket took off at 4:00 pm and 1:00 am (Brasília time) from a launch base in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

This is already the tenth mission of the company in 2021 and, with the new launch, the company has added 420 new satellites in space since March 2021. The moment when the cargo is decoupled was registered in SpaceX’s official Twitter account.

The rocket used was a Falcon 9 that had already participated in eight previous launches – reinforcing one of SpaceX’s main characteristics of reusing first stage rockets. With that, the Falcon 9 in question ties in reuses with another similar model.

In addition to the novelty, the company headed by Elon Musk also confirmed that Starlink already accumulates more than 500 thousand pre-orders from users, operators and companies interested in using the constellation, which can take internet signals to different locations in the world, including regions remote. Registration is paid and, at least for Brazil, it costs US $ 99.


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