Starlink: Customers Complain About Lack of Kit Information


Starlink: A group of customers of space exploration company SpaceX is complaining about the company’s lack of communication regarding Starlink, a satellite constellation project that carries Internet signals to various parts of the world.

According to the Business Insider website, the company does not respond to messages in its direct contact channels or messages left in text or voice mail. Furthermore, it fails to provide little or no information about the expected delivery of broadband internet kits to those who have already booked and paid for the service.

In the dark

After pre-purchase for $100, customers who deposited the amount from February this year have barely been notified by the company so far. Previously, the company headed by Elon Musk has guaranteed delivery “between the middle and the end of 2021”, but has stopped issuing new internal or press releases.

One of the cases reported is of a customer who made the deposit in February and is waiting for a second email that should arrive with “further instructions” about the additional payment for the kit or at least a delivery forecast. Starlink’s app was even criticized for the lack of a direct customer service space.

The global launch forecast is scheduled for this month of September, with the company already accumulating more than 100 thousand subscribers. Remember that one of the problems faced by SpaceX is the shortage of chips that affects the entire electronics industry.

By the time the report was published, SpaceX had not yet made any announcement on the subject.


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