Starlink: Antennas Fail in Heat and Leave Users Without Internet


The Starlink satellite constellation, which promises to provide internet signal to every corner of the United States, and perhaps the planet, is a SpaceX enterprise that impresses for its magnitude, having already placed nearly two thousand of these objects in orbit. However, there is a challenge that Elon Musk’s company is failing to overcome: the heat wave in the country.

Even before the official start of summer in the US, users have complained that their satellite dishes shut down after reaching a temperature of 40°C. After a user in Arizona complained about the problem on Reddit, several cases emerged across the country, leading the SAC of Starlink to admit that this temperature is the limit value for the operation of the antenna.

To have a Starlink network at home, in addition to the monthly fee of US$99 (R$496), the user must also purchase SpaceX’s kit with antenna, tripod and WiFi router, available for US$499 (R$2 .5 thousand). After assembling the equipment, the satellite dish receives the internet signal directly from the satellites. But as the dish overheats, the antenna shuts down and connectivity drops.

With Starlink not taking a stand on the issue of overheating its dishes, that Arizona user, who complained about the problem for the first time, adopted an unusual solution: put a sprinkler on top of the antenna and keep a stream of water running down to cool it during the hottest parts of the day. However, when the user turns off the water, the dish heats up again.

Logically, SpaceX teams continue to travel across the country, looking for a solution to the various complaints about thermal shutdowns that arise in different locations. Assuming the defect could be related to a software issue, the company released two updates this month and promises another in the coming weeks.


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