Starlight lacks only 1 power after the third season of “Boys”


Attention! Contains SPOILERS for the third season of “Boys”!

Starlight’s flight in season 3 of Boys means that now she lacks only one ability from the comics. Annie January, played by Erin Moriarty, remained one of the main characters of “Boys” during the third season. As co-captain of The Seven, she has become incredibly valuable to the Vought brand and the Supe business. However, season 3 of “Boys” followed Starlight as she became disillusioned with Vaught’s leadership at Homelander and that she didn’t actually use her power and influence to save people.

Starlight has the usual set of superhuman qualities for a Vout Soup, including super strength, increased healing factor and much more. What sets her apart as a hero is her ability to project light. She draws energy from the electricity around her and can shoot light projections from her hands. After using these abilities to blind, burn, or knock people out, Annie gets a new ability from the comics in the finale. Starlight first flies in season 3 of Boys, although this power is usually used by her in Garth Ennis comics.

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Now that season 3 of “Boys” has given Starlight the ability to fly, she lacks only one ability from the source material: super hearing. Light projection and flight are the main powers that Starlight uses in the comics, since her super hearing is used very rarely. Super-hearing works as expected, since Annie is able to hear sounds from afar or at a lower volume that normal people would not catch. The boys’ show has previously demonstrated the power of Homelander.

How the starlight flies in the finale of the third season of the TV series “Boys”

Judging by what Starlight’s flight shows in the final season of season 3 of “Boys”, it seems that this is an extension of her ability to convert electricity. She starts flying only after Huey turns on all the lights in the main room of the Vought News Network. This allows Starlight to use her powers to absorb light energy and accumulate more energy than ever before. The electricity flowing through her body is apparently what is starting to lift her off the ground. To be fair, in this scene, Starlight is hovering rather than flying, but her fall to the ground after firing a powerful energy charge at a Soldier confirms that it was electricity that helped her fly.

Now that Starlight’s flight has been teased, there’s a chance her abilities will continue to grow in season 4 of “Boys.” The comic version of Annie has full control of her flying abilities and can fly long distances, which could happen in the show’s fourth season. season. However, it doesn’t look like Starlight will suddenly develop super hearing, which may mean that she will lack this power throughout the Amazon series “Boys”.

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