Stargirl: Luke Wilson Talks About Loki, Series by His Brother, Owen Wilson


Stargirl: During a press conference to promote the series Stargirl, actor Luke Wilson (the Pat Dugan of the series) spoke about what it was like to act in the same town as his brother, Owen Wilson. While Luke was recording the series for DC, his brother was also in Atlanta, but recording a series of the “rival” of the studios: Owen was the Mosbius of Loki, from Marvel.

However, contrary to what you might imagine, there is no rivalry. “For me, it was pretty fun to be working for DC on a superhero show while Owen was on Marvel’s Loki, but there’s no rivalry. We shared a house and lived together for just over a month, it was a lot of fun,” said the actor.

Also during the virtual event, Luke Wilson revealed that he never really understood the story of his brother’s show. “He explained it to me many times, but I never understood the plot. I don’t know if you’ve ever lived with anyone in the Marvel universe, but they’re very strange people,” he joked.

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The press conference aimed to publicize the 2nd season of the series, scheduled to debut on August 10 on the CW. In Brazil, the series will be made available by HBO Max, a streaming service that already has the 1st season included in its catalogue.

Being one of the biggest hits of the summer season in the United States, the series has also had its 3rd season confirmed. In addition to Luke Wilson, the cast also includes Brec Bassinger, Amy Smart, Yvette Monreal and Meg DeLacy.

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