Starfield’s character models aren’t revolutionary, but they don’t have to be.


Bethesda’s first new IP in more than two and a half decades has understandably caused a lot of buzz, with a lot of rumors and speculation surrounding Starfield since its first announcement in 2018. For years, the game has been almost a complete mystery, with Bethesda releasing almost no information, and there have been few credible leaks. However, as the initial Starfield release date in 2022 approaches, the developer has revealed much more about the upcoming game. Despite the fact that the launch was postponed to next year, players still managed to see Stafield in action.

For months, the only visual image of Starfield that players could see was his surroundings and the usual figure in a spacesuit, so when Bethesda finally showed more of the game, fans were incredibly excited to see more of the world and people. who inhabits it. Now, a lot of information has been released about the gameplay and in-game communities, as well as a look at the creation of the Starfield character to help create even more buzz around the long-awaited game. However, some players thought that the character models shown in the Starfield footage didn’t promote the boat as much as they hoped, but maybe that’s the point.

First Look at the Starfield Characters

Throughout 2022, Bethesda talked more about the upcoming Starfield, delving into some of the factions in the game, the various features players will face, and the basic spirit of the game. The developer makes no secret that Starfield is dedicated to exploring and exploring how humanity can find its place among the stars, but it’s also a player-driven journey. This makes the characters a vital component in the creation of the game’s plot, so how they look, interact and behave will be key.

Trailers, gameplay disclosures and behind-the-scenes developer videos helped show more of Starfield in a few months, and also gave gamers the opportunity to take a look at several character models. It was clear from the beginning that Bethesda was paying close attention to how it could improve the design of its characters from older games like Fallout 4, and in this respect Starfield is very similar to the next generation game. However, while many agreed that the design of the various characters that have been shown so far is impressive, some felt that they did not quite live up to expectations.

The success of Starfield largely depends, not least because other recent games from Bethesda, such as the online role-playing game Fallout 76, have not escaped a huge amount of controversy and criticism, but also because the expectation of new intellectual property from a major studio is incredibly high. That means pressure is really necessary, but even if some fans seem a little disappointed, Starfield’s approach to authenticity rather than flash makes sense for the game.

What does this say about the game

Since Bethesda started talking about Starfield, it has become obvious that the company has a very clear idea of what the game is aiming for. An example of this is the description of the aesthetics of Starfield, in which the term “NASA punk” was coined. It embodies a desire for realism and recognizable cosmic elements, but at the same time combines them with something subversive and creative. Starfield uses its science fiction, but still tries to justify it with something real and related. This means that its visuals and design are not heavily stylized as in other interstellar games such as No Man’s Sky.

This authentic, realistic design is also reflected in the Starfield character models. As an extensive game filled with hundreds of worlds to explore, Starfield needs to focus its story and gameplay on something, and it seems that the characters and the interaction between them are the perfect elements to use. With a silent protagonist and a first-person view (although players can also play from a third person), it is necessary that non-player characters have believable and emotional expressions, good voice acting and animation that does not break out. – staging or too outlandish.

This realism in character portrayal is in line with Starfield’s desire for realism in storytelling and means that while character models need to be compelling and well thought out, they don’t need to be revolutionary. Starfield can advance the boat in other areas, such as the design of its various planets and environments, as well as the intriguing mechanics of spaceflight. Obviously, characters are important not only to convey the story and emotional aspects of the game, but also to build connections between players and create the heart of Starfield.


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