Starfield: Trailer May Have Revealed Location of Elder Scrolls VI


Starfield: During Microsoft + Bethesda’s presentation at E3 2021, a new trailer for Starfield was revealed, as well as getting a November 11, 2022 release date. And a Reddit user with ‘bionic eyes’ noticed a possible easter egg from the Elder Scrolls VI showing its supposed location, Hammerfell.

For those who didn’t understand, the design on the side of the ship’s panel has the format of the Hammerfell region, which was already being speculated to be the location of the Elder Scrolls VI since January, when the game’s official account published the following enigmatic tweet:

Hammerfell has a vast region and is home to the Redguards, a race of humans who possess high strength and agility. Additionally, the region also appeared in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard, an adventure game released in 1998 by Bethesda.

Bethesda didn’t reveal any details about the topic, so we’ll wait for more information to confirm if it’s true or not.


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