Starfield Shows Teasers With Conceptual Images Of Their Cities


Bethesda released three new small teasers for Starfield. Each video highlights a different city that we can visit in the game: New Atlantis, Neon and Akila. These are very short videos, but they are accompanied by comments from the developers.

New Atlantis is the capital of the United Colonies (UC) and one of the main cities in the game. In this place the player will find a lot of NPCs, “of every race and ethnicity” – says the developer in the comment. “In many ways, New Atlantis is a true reflection of the future of our world.”

Neon is basically Starfield’s futuristic Las Vegas. A city focused on hedonism, with free use of recreational drugs. The developer’s comment even brings up a piece of the town’s history, explaining that it started as a fishing establishment, until they discovered a fish with a psychotropic substance and realized they would make a lot more money with this new drug than fishing.

Akila is another very large city, being the capital of the Free Star Collective, a confederation of three different solar systems. It is a city that believes in individual freedom and is protected by a huge wall, which keeps predatory aliens out.

It’s just three cities in a game that will probably have a lot more. But it’s an interesting selection because it shows the variety of environments we can find in Starfield, and also serves to talk a little more about the political organization within the game.


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