Starfield Shines In New Trailer: Colonized Systems, Lore And Factions


Starfield: Bethesda’s game features a teaser video with new features and concept art for the title, planned for November 2022 on Xbox Series and PC. Bethesda Softworks has released a new Starfield trailer as a preview of what we can expect from the huge universe of the title; including their features and the lore they are writing about. Specifically, the video details the Colonized Systems, the area of ​​the Solar System where much of the adventure will take place.

Starfield is set in the year 2330

The new space opera of the team responsible for The Elder Scrolls and Fallout takes place in the year 2330, three hundred years after the present, “in a relatively small area of ​​the Milky Way, an area that extends about 50 light-years from our world. solar system, ”explains Emil Pagliarulo, design director at Bethesda Game Studios.

Some 20 years before the beginning of the game, a great warfare took place, the Colonial War, an engagement that pitted the two great factions of the Colonized Systems: the United Colonies against the Freestar Collective. This clash resulted in an impossible peace, although right now both remain in the rear.

The threats looming in the confines of Colonized Systems

Pagliarulo assures that “there are a lot of threats out there”, from pirates of the Crimson Fleet to religious fanatics of House Va’ruun. Also ecliptic mercenaries, obstacles that players will have to deal with and that will enrich the lore of Starfield. Now, what exactly is the role of the player in the title? As Pagliarulo explains, we will be new recruits for the Constellation organization, which is immersed in the mission of discovering the mysteries of the entire galaxy.


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