Starfield Release Date — Gameplay, Trailer, Plot


After a delay, Starfield’s release date is finally approaching. Here is more information about Starfield, including gameplay and plot.

Starfield Release Date: early 2023

Starfield is coming out in early 2023. It is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC. There are still no pre-orders. However, players can already add the game to the wish list on the PC.

Starfield Gameplay

Like its predecessors from the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series, Starfield is an open—world role-playing game. This time, however, it’s happening in space. The game can be played both from the first and from the third person, and players are given the opportunity to switch between them. Players can explore different planets and experience everything related to them. Various kinds of animals and plants, surreal landscapes and much more. Not only that, the player will also experience gravity from low to zero in certain places.

During the exploration, players will encounter various enemies. Whether in the form of dangerous wild animals or pirates and criminals intent on harming you. To protect themselves, players will have access to various futuristic weapons. These are mainly firearms, from pistols to submachine guns, rifles and even grenades. Many of these weapons will have real-life counterparts, which should help players familiarize themselves with them.

Along with the research, the game is collecting resources. Players can use drills and pickers to get various items. They can then use these items to create their own outposts, as well as to create and upgrade their weapons. Research is highly recommended in Starfield, as players will need to go out and get these materials for themselves.

The history of the star field

The star field occurs in an area called the Settled Systems, about 50 light-years from our Solar System. The two largest factions, the United Colonies and the Fristar Collective, fought a war in 2310 that would soon be known as the Colonial War. Twenty years later, there is a difficult world between the main factions of the game. That’s where you come in. You are a member of an organization of space travelers and explorers known as Constellation. It’s up to you to explore Settled Systems and choose between helping the world or destroying it. Bethesda has already said that the dialogues in this game are more complex and deep compared to Skyrim and Fallout, so you can be sure that your actions and words will have a great impact on the world and the history of the game.

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