Starfield Promises Over 100 Hours Of Gameplay


Starfield appeared at E3 2021 with the trappings of an ambitious project, and apparently that’s how Bethesda is looking at work done on the game. In a chat with the team at the Telegraph website, Todd Howard, one of those responsible for the project, declared that this is the biggest game by the producer so far, as well as revealing other details.

During the conversation, Howard revealed that the title will allow the player to advance across the planets using first or third person, as well as being a much more hardcore RPG than any other in the company. Another important detail is the possibility of venturing into this universe for more than 100 hours.

At the time, it was also said that despite being based on a more scientific reality, we are still facing a game (a proof of this, for example, is the fact that lasers exist even in a vacuum), in addition to having several alien races to interact and planets to visit.

“Well, you can still see some lasers in a vacuum. It’s still a game, let’s not kid ourselves here. But when you create these things, you can lean on some concepts and they’re able to create their own vibe. There’s even a case in the trailer where you’re part of Constellation [one of the game’s factions] and get a sort of explorer’s watch. And that’s part of the identity of… you know, how do these things work? What do they do or don’t do? Tom. A lot of it has to do with tone,” explained Howard.

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