Starfield: PC And Xbox Only Game Helps Team Focus On Product


Starfield: In its announcement, it was revealed that Starfield would be available only for the PC and Xbox family. The absence of a PlayStation edition has certainly made some wonder why this decision was made, something that Bethesda’s Todd Howard explained in a chat with The Telegraph staff.

“You never want to leave people out [referring to Sony’s consoles], right? But at the end of the day, your ability is to focus and say this was the game you wanted to make and for the platforms you wanted to make it available, and being able to define that helps to deliver a better product. By focusing on these platforms, you can truly say that you are doing the best you can for them. Also, we believe what Microsoft is betting on when it comes to bringing games to more people,” explained Howard.

Another detail mentioned by him for the choice of platforms that will receive the game is the fact that Microsoft offers a wider range of services through the cloud, and even the approach to the PC (which puts all decisions within the same company).

Starfield will be available for PC and Xbox Series X/S on November 11th.


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