Starfield May Not Be Released on PS5, Says Rumor


Starfield: Bethesda may not release the Starfield game for PlayStation 5, according to information from journalist Jeff Grubb of the GamesBeat website. According to speculation, the company will bring the game only to platforms that support the Xbox Game Pass – PC, Xbox Series X, Series S and xCloud.

In a series of tweets, Grubb stated that Starfield will be released exclusively on Xbox and PC. The journalist explained that Microsoft, now owner of Bethesda, considers the title a great weapon to increase the number of Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.

Microsoft has yet to comment on the matter and the exclusivity of Starfield on the company’s platforms has not been confirmed. However, the head of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer, has already hinted that the company may limit the launch of games to Xbox and Windows 10, as well as xCloud.

During several interviews that took place since the acquisition of Bethesda, the executive hinted that Microsoft’s main focus with the purchase is to boost the Xbox Game Pass. One of the most recent statements came in March, when, during a live broadcast, Spencer said that the main objective of the acquisition is to “deliver great exclusive games” to platforms that have the game subscription.

At the time of announcing the acquisition of Bethesda, Microsoft has also confirmed that the studio’s games will be launched directly on the Xbox Game Pass, including Starfield. It is important to note, however, that the game does not yet have a release date and the materials released about the title so far are scarce.

Starfield was revealed in 2018 and hasn’t gained much news since then. According to speculation, more details about the project will be revealed at E3 this year, which takes place digitally in June, including a launch window for 2022.


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