Starfield fans May have Realized the moment of exiting the game


Bethesda games are known for many things, but perhaps one of the defining moments of every game is the moment when players “go out” and see the world around them. Whether it’s escaping during the opening scene of Skyrim or exiting the vault in Fallout, these moments are iconic as players immerse themselves in the open world around them. It’s no secret that Starfield will also have an exit moment.

In fact, Bethesda apparently teased a few exit points from the game, which makes sense given that Starfield contains thousands of planets. However, the first one is likely to be the most special, and it looks like fans could infer how it would develop based on footage from the Xbox and Bethesda demo.

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Eagle-eyed Reddit fans (gathered in the video shown below, Taye Talks) noticed during the mentioned presentation that the creation of the Starfield character identifies the player as an employee of Argos Extractors. Many believe that this is a mining company that is supported by the players’ use of mining equipment, the moment when an NPC in a space miner suit says that “most dusters don’t even go that far,” and much more.

This led some fans to believe that the game starts under the surface of the planet, and the player is a new miner hired by Argos. Obviously, events will follow and players will eventually leave this underground level, which will lead to the first exit of Starfield. However, this theory goes a little further. Using other evidence, fans think that players will encounter a strange stone under the surface, touching which gives a boost to the story and gives fans some kind of vision – not necessarily different from the plot of Mass Effect 1.

At some point, the Pilot will ask about the visions, the Crimson Fleet will attack, and the players will be directed to the Constellation. Most likely, the game will open here and allow players to check out other quest lines, but the direction to the Constellation will probably be similar to the main story of Skyrim and the Greybeards. Players could view it or perhaps do something else instead-for example, join the Crimson Fleet Space Pirate faction.

Of course, all this remains to be seen. The theory gets a bit verbose and more speculative at the end, but it’s pretty convincing. Until Starfield fans create their own characters and immerse themselves in a sci-fi game, it’s best to take this theory with a grain of salt.

Starfield will be released in 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X.