Starfield can be revealed by Bethesda in the summer


During a broadcast on the Dealer Gambling channel that took place this past Wednesday (17), journalists revealed new rumors about Starfield, anticipating Bethesda’s intentions to launch it later this year, more precisely on a date close to E3.

The rumors were released by renowned VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, who said there was a “90% chance” of Starfield being announced on the eve of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, in a lineup of Bethesda revelations. Thus, the long-awaited title would arrive in mid-November, should the covid-19 pandemic ease current global circumstances.

“We can’t make it sound so right. I gave it a percentage. Here’s a better title: Microsoft and Bethesda want to reveal Starfield this year, but people want a lot of things.”

So far, Bethesda has not commented or anticipated the public about a future revelation of the sci-fi RPG, so all information published by Grubb should be treated as rumors.

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