Stardew Valley: where to find leeks


Almost 8 years after its original release on PC, Stardew Valley remains one of the most popular indie titles available today. The farming simulation RPG has only grown in the years following its release, adding new content and building an audience of diehard fans. Stardew Valley is filled with experiences and items, from the extraordinary to the mundane.

When it comes to Stardew Valley forage items, they don’t get much more mundane than the humble Leek. Most players will collect a Leek within their first few days on the farm, but the wild vegetable is more useful than it may seem.

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Updated June 29th, 2022 by Russ Boswell: Players are still flocking to Stardew Valley, even though ConcernedApe is hard at work attempting to bring The Haunted Chocolatier to a dedicated fanbase. With so much content to explore and a serious modding community, it’s no wonder players are still finding joy in the Indie game well after its initial release. Even now, there are new players just starting their adventure for the first time. Some of these players will want to get their hands on Leeks early, to help expand their farm offerings and finish some of the odd quests in Stardew. To better help players understand how to find Leeks in Stardew Valley and what they’re for, the following list has been updated with more information.

Foraging Leeks in Stardew Valley

Leeks are wild vegetables, which means they can’t be farmed in Stardew Valley. Therefore, the only ways to get Leeks are through Foraging or the use of Wild Seeds. Leeks can only be foraged in the Spring, and only from four different locations on the Stardew Valley map, as well as the Forest Farm if players choose to start with it. Leeks are gathered with the Foraging skill, and harvesting them will be made easier by the Gatherer, Botanist, and Tracker professions.

The easiest places to find Leeks are in the Mountain and Backwoods areas of the map, to the north of the farm and Pelican Town. 58% of the forageable vegetables in these areas will be Leeks in the Spring, with only a 20% chance in the Bus Stop and Rail Road areas, and 25% in the Forest Farm. The only other way to get Leeks is through planting Spring Wild Seeds, each of which has a 25% chance of growing into a Leek. Spring Seeds can be crafted by combining the four wild vegetables of the season: Wild Horseradish, Leek, Daffodil, and Dandelion.

What are Leeks for in Stardew Valley

Players will want to get their hands on Leeks for a few reasons. There are some quests that commonly call for Leeks as a requirement, as well as a recipe, and even a bundle. Players can also use Leeks in the Sewing Machine. To better showcase exactly what Leeks are used for, here’s a look at everything players can do with the vegetable.


Leeks are only used in one food-based recipe, to make Salad. In order to construct a Salad, players will want to combine 1 x Leek, 1 x Dandelion, and 1 x Vinegar. The finished product will sustain players by refilling 113 energy and 50 health. Salad can also be sold for around 110g. Players that want to be able to make a Salad will first need to retrieve the recipe by getting their relationship with Emily to 3+ Hearts. After doing so, they will receive the recipe in the mail. Leeks are also used in one Crafting recipe, the Wild Seeds (Sp). To make this seed pack, players will need to combine 1 x Leek, 1 x Wild Horseradish, 1 x Daffodil, and 1 x Dandelion. Combining the ingredients together will reward players with 10 Spring Seeds, which, when planted, will yield a random Horseradish, Dandelion, Daffodil, or Leek. These packs can also be sold for around 35g each. Players will know this recipe at Foraging Level 1.

Miscellaneous Uses

There is only one random use for Leeks, which entails tossing them into the spool of the Sewing Machine in order to craft the Lime Green Tunic. Conversely, players can also offer up Leeks as a resource for White Dye by placing the veggie into the Spool when attempting to give color to a dyeable clothing item.

Gifting Leeks

Players can gift Leeks to many of the NPCs found around Stardew Valley but only a handful truly appreciate the vegetable. One NPC in particular, George, loves receiving the onion-like item as a gift. Penny, Leah, Harvey, and Linus are all happy to receive Leeks, while Abigail, Clint, Emily, Demetrius, Lewis, Gus, Kent, Evelyn, Alex, Sandy, Pam, Robin, Maru, and Marnie are neutral towards the homegrown good. Willy, Vincent, Shane, Wizard, Dwarf, Caroline, Haley, Elliot, Sebastian, Pierre, Leo, Sam, Krobus, Jodi, and Jas all hate Leeks when it comes to gifting.

Quests & Bundles

Leeks are required for the Spring Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room. Players will also need to collect and bundle a Wild Horseradish, Dandelion, and Daffodil. During year two, Evelyn will request the player send her a Leek by mail, on the 15th of Spring. Evelyn will also ask the player to provide her with 12 Leeks as part of the Special Order, “Gifts for George.” Lastly, a Leek may sometimes be required to complete one of the Spring-themed Help Wanted boards outside of Pierre’s General Store.

Stardew Valley is out now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.