Stardew Valley – version 1.5 will include farms with beach


The successful title of Eric Barone will be updated soon with this long-awaited new version, which will bring great changes, news and doses of content.

Stardew Valley is still in the process of developing version 1.5. Eric Barone’s title, known as ConcernedApe, will soon be updated free of charge for all users and in all versions with this ambitious fine-tuning that aims to make the title a much more complete and expanded experience than the original. As explained in a small update via Twitter, version 1.5 will bring with it the option to create farms with a beach and advanced configuration options.

All those who create a new farm in Stardew Valley from then on will be able to opt for a new (seventh) base option on which to build our territory: coastal areas. In responses to the original tweet, the creative explains what he means by those advanced settings. On the one hand, we will have the Community Center Bundles, which will have the option of activating the one-year completion guarantee.

“Currently in Stardew Valley there is a package that requires red cabbage, which cannot be obtained in year 1 except for casual situations with a street vendor, which may not happen to you. If you select ‘guaranteed to be completed in year 1’, you will ensure that the red cabbage seed will appear in that first year, ”he explains.

Local splitscreen multiplayer on the way for Stardew Valley

Another aspect that can be configured are the rewards of the mine. Now we can choose if the appearance of rewards is normal, easier or more complex; In addition to whether we want monsters to appear on the farm, which until now could make it difficult to cultivate and consequently collect resources.

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