Stardew Valley: the best summer crops


Stardew Valley has an extensive array of activities and past-times for players to engage in. Whether it be romancing NPC-villagers, exploring Ginger Island or feeding the Trash Bear, there is always something to do. Farming is possibly the most beneficial hobby, providing benefits with cooking, crafting artisanal goods, and for selling excess crops.

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As the Stardew Valley seasons change, so do the various different crops available to be purchased and grown. In all of its sunny glory, Summer is the peak time for farming and growing crops. Pierre’s General Store has an overwhelming selection of Summer-specific crops to choose from, so it is crucial for players to identify which are the most profitable plants and maximize those gains.

10 Hops

Hops Starters cost 60 gold from Pierre’s General Store. They take 11 days to grow fully but can be cultivated every day after this initial period.

Hops can only be sold for 25 gold each but can be fermented in Kegs to create Pale Ale. Pale Ale has one of the highest returns on investment in-game, worthy of spending some time on.

9 Sunflower

Like all flower crops, Sunflowers turn over very little money, as they sell for a minimum of 80 gold, resulting in a loss of profits. Purchasable for 200 gold from Pierre’s, Sunflower seeds are one of the more expensive crop-starters in-game. Once harvested, they have a chance to produce sunflower seeds that can be used to plant more.

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They are the main ingredient used to craft cooking oil, a staple in many cooking recipes, which is one of their main purposes. These cheerful flowers can also be gifted to villagers, as most villagers like them, while Haley loves them!

For aesthetic reasons, too, Sunflowers can brighten up any farm.

8 Radish

Radishes are a great summer starter vegetable, with a minimum selling price of 90 gold at average quality.

Their seeds are cheap at 40 gold from Pierre’s. They are also used in two cooking recipes; the Radish Salad and the Red Plate, which can turn a neat profit if sold.

7 Hot Pepper

Hot Peppers have an initial growth rate of 5 days and can be harvested every three days after this. They sell for as much as their seeds can be bought for, at 40 gold when average quality.

Not a fantastic profit, but they are a multi-harvest crop; they are worth a space on your farm! Hot Pepper is also used in the Summer Crops Bundle in the Community Center.

6 Corn

Corn is a seasonal staple and is very versatile; like sunflowers, it is useful for crafting cooking oil. However, as a crop, it turns over very little profit for its hefty price tag of 150 gold for the seeds.

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Being one of the few crops with longevity that lasts through the Summer season until Fall, it is a necessary crop to dedicate some space to.

5 Tomato

Some profit can be made from planting Tomatoes. Seeing as they are a multi-harvest crop and do not need to be re-planted, players can eventually turn around a profit on them.

Their initial growth time is 11 days. Following this, Tomatoes can be picked from them every four days, with a 5% chance for extra Tomatoes.

They are a key ingredient in several delicious cooking recipes, including Eggplant Parmesan and Squid Ink Ravioli, both of which give valuable bonuses for Mining.

4 Red Cabbage

Red cabbage seeds can only be purchased from Pierre’s General Store in Year 2 for 100 gold each. They take nine days to grow and, therefore, can be harvested three times throughout Summer.

At their lowest selling point, they are worth 260 gold each. Red Cabbages are a requirement for the dye bundle in the Community Centre.

3 Melon

Melons have the second-longest growth time, at 12 days. They can only be harvested twice in the whole season. However, they are worth investing time into, as they can sell for a minimum of 250 gold and a maximum profit of 550 gold each.

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Melon crops also have the slightest chance of blossoming into a giant crop, which can yield many melons when chopped with an axe.

2 Blueberries

As a multi-harvest crop, Blueberries are a Summer staple for farmers. Blueberry seeds only cost 80 gold from Pierre’s, and cannot be bought from Jojamart. Because they regrow, they are a one-time purchase.

They can produce at least three Blueberries from one plant, with a 2% chance of more blueberries. Each Blueberry sells for 50 gold at the lowest quality. At iridium quality, one Blueberry can sell for 110 gold!

1 Starfruit

By far the best Summer crop is the legendary Starfruit. They have a standard growth time of 13 days (without fertilizer or growing aids), meaning they can only be harvested twice during Summer.

Priced at 400 gold for the seeds at Sandy’s Oasis store in the Calico Desert; they are pricey but a worthy investment. Starfruit sells for a minimum of 750 gold each, and that’s just at their standard quality! They can sell for 1,500 gold or more with the Tiller profession at iridium quality. Starfruit can be used to make artisanal goods, like wine or jam, doubling profits. Definitely the star of the summer season!


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