Stardew Valley: How to get clay


Although clay is not used in many recipes, it is an important resource in Stardew Valley. It’s easy to get, but finding it may not be so obvious and can be somewhat of a headache, especially for new players in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley has added a sandbox to the farm simulator genre. Similarly, the player does a lot of crafting work, which allows them to design their farms the way they want, especially with the help of Stardew Valley mods. This also leaves plenty of room for player-driven tasks, such as a fish pond farm or just growing flowers as a source of income. But to create materials in Stardew Valley, players will first need to gather the necessary resources. One of them is clay, which can be found in several ways, although it is a somewhat rarer find compared to other crafting materials.

Updated by Russ Boswell on June 22, 2022: Stardew Valley continues to be one of the most successful and exciting indie games ever released. The title has undergone many updates since its inception, and although the developer of ConcernedApe is now working hard on his upcoming release with Haunted Chocolatier, new players are still flocking to the farm simulator. Stardew Valley has a lot of depth below the surface, and players will need to get their hands on a lot of materials to create a truly unique and thriving farm. One of the lesser-known materials they will need is clay. In order to better inform players about where to find clay in Stardew Valley, as well as what it is used for, the following guide has been updated.

How to find a claw in Stardew Valley

The main way to find clay in Stardew Valley is to plow the ground, which is obvious to experienced players, but beginners in the game may not immediately understand this. Players may notice some clay popping out of the ground as they cultivate their farmland, clearing it for planting crops in the Stardue Valley. But while this may be the standard way many initially collect clay, it may not be enough to create items later.

Instead of mindlessly cultivating the land around a farm or town, players can find small worms sticking out of the ground. They are known as artifact sites in Stardue Valley, and they can bring several valuable items, such as lost books that will expand the library, and resources such as gold ore and stone, depending on the exact location. It’s also a great way to collect clay, especially in winter in the Stardue Valley.

Sometimes clay can be mined in mines, this method is often used by veteran players. Bombs can effectively blow up multiple rocks and ore veins at the same time, making them a great way to collect basic materials from mines, including clay. Fortunately, the first 30 levels of mines are the best place to mine clay, which can also sometimes be found inside the geode.

What is the clay used for in Stardew Valley?

Although clay doesn’t have as many uses as other materials scattered throughout the Stardue Valley, it is still very important for a few specific items that players will definitely want to get their hands on. Clay can also be used in tailoring and given to residents. Here’s a look at everything clay is used for, and what other items players might need to complete specific crafting recipes.

Crafting Recipes

Bone mill — 20 x Stone, 10 x Bone fragment, 3 x Clay (The recipe can be obtained by special order from Gunther) Brick floor — 5 x Stone, 2 x Clay (The recipe can be purchased in the carpentry workshop for 500 g) Garden pot — 10 x Stone, 1 x Purified quartz, 1 x Clay (the recipe is given by Evelyn after the greenhouse is completed) Luxury retaining soil — 5 x Stone, 3 x Fiber, 1 x Clay (The recipe can be bought from an island merchant for 50 x Shard of ash) Fibrous seeds — 5 x Resin, 1 x Mixed seeds, 1 x Fiber (the recipe was obtained by special order from Linus) Quality—preserving soil – 3 x Stone, 1 x Clay (The recipe was obtained at the level of agriculture 7)


Hopper — 100 x Stone, 100 g, 10 x Clay, 5 x Copper ingot (takes place 3 x 3)

Other uses

Clay can be used in a sewing machine coil to make a brown shirt. It can also be used to create a brown dye. Sometimes clay is required for Fish Pond quests. Clay can be given to villagers, but it is universally disliked by most non-player characters and is openly hated by Abigail, Evelyn, George, Hayley, Jas, Marnie, Sebastian and Vincent. Players themselves can also receive clay as a gift from Jas or Vincent during the “Winter Star Festival” event.

Stardew Valley is already available on mobile devices, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.