Stardew Valley does not ignore further updates


Eric Barone does not want to think about the future yet, but rather to focus on the correct progress of the ambitious 1.5 update, which is coming soon.

Stardew Valley is one of the most successful farm management video games of all time. The phenomenon of the independent scene carried out by a very small group where Eric Barone is the head of the group prepares for update 1.5; but before that, the also known as ConcernedApe has given an interview to Game Informer to reflect on the present … and also the future. It does not rule out a sequel or further updates.

“I am not willing to commit to Stardew Valley 1.6,” he begins by saying, since the aforementioned fifth great tuning has to be published first, which has taken a year in time. “I will say that ultimately I love Stardew Valley. I love it as a world and as a universe, I don’t think [1.5] has to be the end of Stardew Valley. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were another update or many more; even a Stardew Valley 2, who knows? ”adds Barone, who doesn’t want to close any doors right now.

Although he advises: “Currently, there is no Stardew Valley 2; after 1.5 i will decide what the next step is for Stardew Valley. But I would probably say that it will be another step for the game. Meanwhile, I am also working on a couple of other individual projects, so I have a lot of pending tasks, ”he ends.

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