Stardew Valley: completing the “Pirate’s Wife” quest


Ginger Island is a tropical place that players who play a lot in Stardew Valley will eventually get access to after helping Willie fix the boat in his workshop. There are many new crops to discover on this island, and a whole new range of materials to collect.

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In addition, there are several new people to meet. One of these people is Birdie, an elderly woman who lives on the beach in a small hut. Although players cannot make friends with her, she offers a unique quest that will send players on a journey through the Stardue Valley with delivery.

The beginning of the “Pirate’s Wife” quest

As already mentioned, players will need access to Ginger Island to begin the “Pirate’s Wife” quest. To do this, players need to either renovate a Community Center or complete community development projects sponsored by JojaMart. Willie will invite the players to his store, where they will be invited to the back room.

There will be a boat in need of repair. If players bring 500 hardwoods, five batteries and five iridium ingots, they will be able to completely repair the boat and use it to travel to Ginger Island. Keep in mind that every time the boat heads to the island, a fee of 1000 gold is charged.

Upon arrival, players will have to go to the left, but the territory is guarded by a bird with a request. It will be necessary to find 10 golden walnuts, which can be found in certain places around the island. Once these walnuts are delivered to the parrot, players can go left. Keep going left and the players will see Birdie in a hut on the beach.

Completing the “Pirate’s Wife” quest

At the first conversation with Birdie, she will tell about how her husband was lost at sea, and his ship was completely destroyed. She has been trying to find parts of the ship and important souvenirs that will help her cope with her grief, but she needs help finding other missing parts.

She will give the player a Military Souvenir, which will be the beginning of a series of deals in which players will have to give the items they received to other people who received more items to be sold. Starting with War Memento, players will need to find Kent and give him the item. In return, he will give the players Tomato Salt for gourmets.

This should give the players a hint that they should give it to the character who is cooking the food. Go to Gus in the saloon “Star Drop” and give him tomato salt for gourmets to get a rose of the valley of Star Dew in return. Go to the Kaliko Desert and meet Sandy, who will accept a rose and give you an Improved TV remote control.

The person who loves TV more than anyone in the game is George, who is most likely to be found in his house. Providing him with a remote control will lead to the fact that he will give an Arctic fragment. This shard can then be passed to a Wizard who will deliver a wriggling worm. Finally, go to Willy, who will give the player a pirate medallion in exchange for a worm.

It is at this point that players can return to Ginger Island, as the medallion will be exactly the gift that Birdie will want to see. Giving her a medallion will trigger a cut scene, after which she will reward the player with a recipe for magic dust and five additional golden walnuts.

Stardew Valley is available on Windows, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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