Stardew Valley: A Guide to Crobus Gifts


One of the most attractive aspects of Stardew Valley is the large number of characters that the player can make friends with. Each resident has their own personality and, consequently, their likes and dislikes for the items they can give. While there are some items that almost everyone likes and loves, it’s helpful to know what other items specific villagers like. Krobus is unique in that it needs to be unlocked, and it’s not even human. Despite this, the mechanics that allow him to please the player are the same as any other resident of Stardew Valley.

However, to even meet Crobus, players will first need to access the valley’s sewers. To do this, it is necessary to donate 60 items to the Gunther Museum. Once this is done, Gunther will appear the next day to give players a rusty key that will give players access to the sewers either from the southernmost part of the Syndersup Forest or through the entrance in the center of the city at the cemetery.

Updated by Russ Boswell on July 19, 2022: Stardew Valley becomes incredibly challenging as players begin to explore the open world of the game. There are many hidden NPCs, among which Krobus is one of the most interesting. The friendly monster will sell items to players and talk to them, even moving in as their roommate under the right conditions. Like any other NPC in the indie release, players can strengthen their friendship with Crobus with gifts. To better showcase all the gifts that Crobus likes and dislikes, as well as some universally loved or hated items, the following guide has been updated with tables and additional information for greater clarity. Here’s an updated gift guide for Crobus in Stardue Valley.

What Crobus likes and dislikes

As soon as players meet Krobus, they will have access to his store and the opportunity to make friends with him. In addition to items that everyone likes (such as rabbit paws and pearls), Crobus has its own set of adorable items that players can give away to win the favor of a friendly monster. Here is a brief overview of the items that Krobus likes, as well as information on how players can get them.

Modifier items Love Diamond, Iridium Ingot, Pumpkin, Egg of Emptiness, Mayonnaise of Emptiness, Gold Ingot of Wild Horseradish, Neutral Quartz N/A Don’t like Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Narcissus, Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Holly, Leek, Elixir of Life, Magmatic Cap, Morel, Purple Mushroom, Salmon Berry, Snow Sweet Potato, Winter Root Hatred N/A

Krobus himself sells hollow eggs in his store. They are a bit more expensive, 5,000 gold per egg, but players can just buy one and then hatch it and raise void chickens to get more eggs for a daily gift that Crobus will like. Players can also turn it into mayonnaise with mayonnaise, but there is nothing to gain from this, since Krobus loves hollow eggs and hollow mayonnaise equally. Meanwhile, in the spring, wild horseradish can be harvested in the valley.

Diamonds, iridium ingots and pumpkins are a little harder to get. If players are in the late game and have access to the Skull Caves and the Crystallarium, then it may not be too difficult to mine diamonds and iridium ingots, since diamonds can be found in the cave and then reproduced using the Crystallarium and a jar of iridium ore. It can also be found in a cave, which can then be melted down to produce iridium ingots. Players who have the Statue of Perfection will have access to daily iridium ore, which will also help. Meanwhile, pumpkins are quite simple, but it takes time to grow them, and they can only be grown in autumn without a greenhouse.

Those who take Krobus to the cinema will want to watch the Mysterium with him and give him Black Licorice as a concession. He doesn’t like all the other movies and most of the food.

Universal likes and dislikes

Although Krobus is very different from most other NPCs when it comes to gifts and people’s tastes, he still adheres to the rules of “universal likes and dislikes”. These items are loved (or hated) by all NPCs in Stardew Valley (although there are some exceptions to this rule for some NPCs). Here is a list of items for quick reference. These items can be used if it is difficult for players to collect special adorable gifts from Crobus.

Since Crobus is such a unique NPC, some of the following universal likes and dislikes do not apply to him.

Modifier items Universal Love Golden pumpkin, Magic Stone Candy, Pearls, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot Universal, like all handicrafts, All culinary products (see Crobus and food below), All flowers, All forged minerals, All fruit trees, All precious stones, All vegetables Universal neutral bread, clam, coral, duck feather, fried egg, hops, nautilus shell, rainbow shell, caviar, squid ink, sweet precious berry, tea leaves, truffle, wheat, wool, Universal does not like all building materials, all artifacts, All bombs, All created floors/paths, All fences, all fertilizers, All fish, All minerals geodes, All geodes, all seeds,