Starcraft 2 Creators Seek RTS Revival With New Studio


Frsot Giant is the name of the new team of Blizzard veterans now looking for a way to restore the RTS to its former glory.

Blizzard recently announced the definitive end of the Starcraft 2 updates, in what many interpret as the definitive end of the studio’s journey in the genre that made them great in the first place: real-time strategy, which they helped bring to life. stardom with games like Warcraft or Starcraft himself. In an almost flawless coincidence of events, at the same time that a curtain was closing, a group of Blizzard veterans have decided to go public under the name of Frost Giant, with the clear mission of creating a great RTS.

Return to grand strategy

As Tim Morten, Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void production lead and CEO of the new studio, recounted: “Real-time strategy gamers are a passionate community and they deserve not just a great game, but a great game too. that they can share with their friends. ” The list of Frost Giant employees is very revealing of the strengths of its members: Ryan Schutter (interface designer in Starcraft 2), Jesse Brophy (artistic leader of StarCraft II) or the veteran Tim Campbell, who after successfully completing his work As a campaign design lead on Wasteland 2 with Inxile, he goes back to his RTS roots (he was lead campaign design on The Frozen Throne, designer on Red Alert 2, and lead tester on Brood War, among a long list of titles of his remarkable career); among other names also linked to Blizzard.

The new studio does not have a game to show yet and it already anticipates that its project will take time, but it is good news for fans of the genre that a studio is born with the vocation, interest and clear objective of making the traditional formula of the gender returns to its status of majority gender. In fact, the team has successfully completed a first round of investment worth 4.7 million dollars, which will allow them to lay the first stone of that rebirth to which they aspire. With Frost Giant, there are already two studios that are postulated in a certain way as “inherited” from the classic Blizzard, after the notorious announcement by Mike Morhaime to found Dreamhaven, another team made up of heavyweights in the company’s history. We will have to wait to see where these new outbreaks lead.


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