Starbucks May Progressively Remove Its Iconic Cups


Starbucks is preparing to go through a new regulation regarding its iconic cardboard and plastic cups loved by many of its customers. New applications are quite remarkable in order to prevent disposable cups from turning into waste afterwards.

Nature continues to be polluted more and more every day. Single-use plastics play a major role in increasing this pollution. While plastics thrown into nature endanger the lives of many animals; The whole world is on its way to becoming a big garbage dump. Although many companies have reduced the use of disposable products to a minimum, hundreds of thousands of waste are still released into nature every day.

Starbucks is preparing to take a step to replace the iconic disposable cups used in it. Although many customers like the glasses with the Starbucks logo on white on cardboard cups or the glasses with special holiday themes and the transparent plastic cups for cold drinks, the company is aware that these glasses turn into waste and circulate on the streets and avenues. For this reason, Starbucks started working on new methods that it can use instead of disposable cups.

Borrow glasses from Starbucks?

“Our trophy is everywhere and we love it,” said Michael Kobori, President of Starbucks Sustainability. But the same cups are disposable and end up in landfills, on the streets and in the waters when thrown away. Some can recycle, but recycling ends up in the garbage. He gave the first signals about the cups that we may encounter in the coming days, with the statement that “eliminating disposable cups is the only option”.

One of the solutions the company has found to prevent this waste is for customers to borrow mugs from Starbucks. With this new application, which is said to be in the testing phase, customers will be able to drink coffee in borrowed Starbucks cups instead of cardboard cups. In order not to encounter situations such as customers not returning the glass, the company will take a certain amount of deposit from customers who want these glasses. This deposit will also be refunded when customers return glasses. Of course, according to rumors, this is not the only solution for the company’s waste glasses.

Will the iconic Starbucks cups be removed?

During the pandemic, Starbucks prohibited customers from bringing their own mugs. According to reports, the company plans to allow customers to have their coffee in their own cups, even if they order in advance or by car. It is said that the company will make this innovation available in Starbucks stores in the USA and Canada by the end of next year. In order to gradually end the use of cardboard cups, customers will still be able to buy their drinks in cardboard and plastic cups, even when these applications are implemented. The company plans to phase out the use of these glasses.