“Star Wars”: the story of the new character Andor will focus on gender politics in the Empire


Although the connection with “Rogue One: Star Wars. At a glance, viewers can assume that this will mainly follow the story of the radicalization of Cassian Andor during the darkest years of the repressive regime of the Galactic Empire. But, according to one of the stars of the show, this is just the tip of the surface.

“Star Wars” has addressed the human and more flawed side of the Empire before, which usually led to some surprisingly fascinating and poignant stories. But this time, a deep dive into how they work may deal with some different issues than before. Denise Gough, who plays imperial officer Dedra Miro in “Andor,” recently spoke with Total Film about what viewers can expect from her character and story, and there are some contemporary topics to discuss.

“I’m definitely on the dark side,” Gough prefaced in a conversation with Total Film. But then she went on to discuss how her character, no matter how much of a “Star Wars” villain she is, would help convey comments about gender politics in the Empire (and perhaps in real life, more broadly). “As a woman,” she continued. “in this world, for her to advance in any direction, she has to be about 10 times better than anyone else in this room. And it really had to do with everything we’re going through right now.”

As a result, Gough seems to expect many viewers to root for Dedra. However, this is the gray area that some of the best Star Wars stories have explored. “It’s a smart thing to do to show you how hard she has to work,” Gough continued. “It kind of makes you feel like a cheerleader for her, and then you say:”She’s crazy! So be careful supporting her…” This may be an unreliable path, an attempt to solve gender politics, as well as present a more nuanced approach to morality. But I hope Andor can handle it.

Some may be a little put off by the idea that “Star Wars” solves modern problems and current events, but it seems they just forgot that this franchise has always done this from the very beginning. George Lucas himself has explained over and over again that the rebels in New Hope were inspired by freedom fighters such as the Viet Cong who opposed U.S. forces during the Vietnam War. Meanwhile, the Empire is intended to be an analogue of the United States, despite the many British accents.

The fact is that “Star Wars” is a franchise of social commentary presented in a brilliant sci—fi package, and it has always been so. So Andor discusses the extremely modern topic of gender in personal and professional situations, in any case, in the order of things. We hope that the show will be able to withstand the landing, but in any case, it’s nice to know where it’s going.

The premiere of the first three episodes of Andor will take place on September 21, 2022 on Disney Plus.


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