Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Season 2 Trailer


The new episodes portrayed by Mando will premiere in a staggered manner starting October 30 on Disney Plus.

“This is the path”, the path that Mando travels and the one that will continue to travel when the second season of The Mandalorian arrives on Disney Plus. It will be from October 30, a date in which we will begin to discover the new adventures of this bounty hunter and his companions. Before that happens, we can finally enjoy its first trailer, just a few weeks after the first photos of Season 2 debuted. How could it be otherwise, Baby Yoda is one of the star characters.

As is hinted, Mando must travel the galaxy far, far away in search of “a race of Jedi wizards.” Only this character will know what to do about the boy, a creature that has already demonstrated its sensitivity to force. This request comes directly from one of the Mandalorians who already appeared in the first season.

Stories that intertwine

According to John Favreau, showrunner of the series, they will once again bet on episodes that retain “their own aroma.” However, the stories will be more connected to each other. Dave Filoni, executive producer, also added in the same interview that in the second season “everything is bigger”, but the narration will focus on developing the relationship between the boy and Mando, two characters who already strengthened ties in the first eight episodes of fiction.

The Mandalorian is set shortly after the events narrated in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. That means that the Galactic Empire does not exist as such, but it does exist some remnants of its structures. The New Republic has yet to secure its position of power, so some former Imperials continue to struggle to rule. In that context, Moff Gideon will find himself in the path of the Mandalorian. It remains to be seen what role he will have in season two.


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