Star Wars: The Lightsaber That Will Be Available For Sale Is This Awesome


Star Wars: When the first Star Wars (or Star Wars, as the first trilogy was translated in Spain) hit theaters in 1977 (43 years ago), many of its elements became icons. But among all of them, above the mask of Darth Vader, the Millennium Falcon or the Force, one of them has endured and is always the perfect icon to define the series: The lightsaber, lightsaber or lightsaber .

Hasbro and the Master Replicas

Become one of the most popular toys, it wasn’t until the turn of the century that we began to see the first ‘real’ lightsabers, the coveted ‘Master Replicas’, which did the effect using a clear methacrylate tube with LED lights attached to it. a handle that faithfully reproduces the ones used in the movies – if you turn it on in low light or dark conditions, the effect is total.

Companies like Hasbro have since perfected that, and there are digital stores that sell you some that even show you the Kyber crystals that are supposed to power them. But it is still far from the truth in terms of the effect of the blade.

But we are in 2021, we are in a time when technology is exploding in terms of evolution, and there are people who make the Iron Man Mark IV armor in his house and it is functional. Is there no one who has yet come up with the creation of a lightsaber that unfolds its blade like in the movies? Yes, and of course Disney has been the owner / guardian of the franchise since George Lucas sold it.


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