Star Wars: The Bad Remittance recovers an important character from Rebels and Squadrons


Star Wars: The animated series led by Dave Filoni links their stories between the various products. The Mandalorian may not return until 2022 and The Book of Boba Fett will not be released until December of this year, but that does not mean that there will not be more productions of the galactic saga on Disney Plus during these months. Star Wars: La Remesa Mala is the animated series that is currently broadcast on the platform. This is a spin-off or sequel to Clone Wars, so some of the characters in these products have already appeared. The next thing we tell can be considered gutting, so if you don’t want to know more, the best thing you can do is get out of the news.

Dave Filoni, the creator of the series, has linked the La Remesa Mala squad with another important character, this time Star Wars: Rebels. Those who watched the Clone Wars series no doubt knew the warlike General Cham Syndulla, who fought for the freedom of his people, the planet Ryloth. This soldier of the Twi’lek race has a daughter, who is precisely one of the protagonists of Rebels (she also appears in Star Wars: Squadrons, the EA Motive video game). We speak, of course, of Hera Syndulla, the experienced pilot of the Rebel fleet.

Ryloth and his conflict with the Empire

In Star Wars: The Bad Remittance (episode 11), we get to see a younger version of Hera. In fact, she still appears as a child, although she already demonstrates her determination and her skill at piloting ships. After Palpatine’s rise as self-proclaimed emperor of the Galactic Empire, the Imperials offer a peace pact to the citizens of Ryloth. Of course, the reality is quite different, as its inhabitants will discover no later than.

At first, General Cham Syndulla opts for preserving the peace of the planet and agrees to speak publicly with the rest of his people, since he still maintains his influence among them. However, in the shadows, his brother and his daughter Hera launch different operations to spy on the Empire, suspecting that his intentions are not good. Of course, this will lead to a conflict in which Senator Free Taa is also present.

Star Wars: The Bad Remittance opens a new chapter every Friday on Disney Plus. It is its first season on broadcast.


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