Star Wars: The Acolyte adds a star of the Russian doll Charlie Barnett


Star Wars: The Helper will feature the star of The Russian Doll, Charlie Barnett, who is represented by Gersh and Stagecoach Entertainment, as the actor is in the final stages of negotiations to join the cast of the upcoming project.

“Star Wars: The Novice” is an upcoming Disney Plus series set in the era of the High Republic, the golden age of peace and prosperity for the Jedi, preceding the events that most fans are familiar with. Although most of the details about Star Wars: The Novice are strictly classified, the term “Novice” refers to the subordinates of the Sith lords who oppose the Jedi. The series is likely to focus on the revival of the Dark Side, which will end this golden era, and begin the events that led to the more famous status quo in the twilight of the Galactic Republic.

Barnett, who has appeared in projects such as “You” on Netflix, “Chicago Fire” on NBC and the CW show “Valor and Arrow”, is best known for his role in the Netflix series “Russian Doll”, where he portrays a man stuck in a time loop with Nadia Woolvokova. by working with the character to avoid him. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that he appears to be joining the cast of “Star Wars: The Novice” in an unknown supporting role. In addition to being a popular name with a long list of great roles, Barnett was also included in the Out100 Entertainers of the Year list for 2019, which brought a little variety to the project.

At the casting, he will reunite with the co-author of the “Russian Doll” Leslie Hedland in the project, since Hedland was supposed to write the script of the series and become the main showrunner. Her participation was announced along with the official announcement on May 4, 2020, and Amandla Stenberg was announced as the headliner of the show in July 2022. Weak fame and the star of the “Good Place” Manny Jacinto — all this helps to fulfill currently undisclosed roles in the storyline of the Supreme Republic.

“Star Wars” fans of all stripes yearned for the stories of that period, since most of the existing content was translated into “Legends” and removed from the “Star Wars” canon. The “Star Wars” projects based on the expanded universe have become a long-awaited addition to the updated “Star Wars” universe from Disney.

With the casting of Barnett and Stenberg, a woman of color, as well as the showrunner’s desire to infuse the Star Wars show with his own queer identity, the small contingent of fans who have spoken out about diversity and representation in recent Star War Projects are also likely to turn their attention and anger to the Assistant.

It is expected that Star Wars: The Acolyte will be released on Disney Plus in 2023 or 2024.


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