Star Wars Studio Eclipse Reportedly Working On Two Other Games


Star Wars: Quantic Dream is working on two other games besides Star Wars Eclipse. The information was released by leaker AccountNGT. According to the leak, the developer of Detroit: Become Human has been producing a medieval fantasy title and a social game for mobile phones.

Previously, AccountNGT revealed the existence of SW Eclipse ahead of the official announcement, which took place during last year’s edition of The Game Awards. At the time, he posted on Twitter that the developer would be “working on three games at the same time”.

In addition to Eclipse, according to the leaker, Quantic Dream would be working on a “social game for mobiles”, developed in the Unity Engine, as well as a third game, produced by the studio’s Paris division.

The information was later confirmed by journalist and insider Tom Henderson. In a video posted last month, he claimed that shortly after releasing Detroit, “a number of smaller projects were in early development” at the studio, “but most of them were cancelled.” However, he said that “a mobile game called Spellcaster is yet to be released in the near future, in addition to a medieval fantasy game currently codenamed Dreamland”.

There is still no information about the release of Dreamland, but if the title is expected after Eclipse, it may take a while to come out. After all, the Star Wars game would be experiencing problems behind the scenes, and it could take at least another four years to hit stores.