Star Wars: Squadrons, HOTAS Support on Consoles


Star Wars: Squadrons, the new game set in the Star Wars universe, will delight those who want to use HOTAS joysticks. There will be support for joysticks in the console version of the game.

The Star Wars universe has arguably one of the most far-reaching and greatest myths ever created in the modern world. There are many works on the universe in which a huge galaxy is used as a background. Among them are computer games.

The last game of the Star Wars universe will be Star Wars: Squadrons. In the game to be published by Electronic Arts, we will take control of the spaceships we are familiar with from Star Wars. It will also be possible to use HOTAS joysticks on consoles while doing dogfights with hunter ships in space.

Like a real pilot

HOTAS produces various joysticks and other control / simulation equipment as a company. The company’s controls, which are especially reminiscent of aircraft controls, are the dreams of those who are interested in such productions. It was known that computer gamers could use these devices in Star Wars: Squadrons. Now a gospel has also come for the console.

Ian S. Frazier, the creative director of the game, shared this news on his Twitter account. This way, players can be closer to feeling like they’re actually controlling a flying vehicle. Especially the similarity of the X-Wing controls to HOTAS controls is not overlooked. Maybe we can even see a special version.

According to Frazier’s statement, HOTAS support will be available in both PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Both the control controller and the propulsion control can be used in the game. This support will be included in an update that will be released the day the game launches.

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Star Wars: Squadrons are coming

The production in which we will fight that corner of the galaxy with our team, and that corner of the galaxy, where we will fight, we will be full of dogfights with our enemies, has been awaited for a long time. Players who own HOTAS equipment are now focused on the announcement from EA about which specific models can be used in the game.

Star Wars: Squadron, probably the last game of the Star Wars universe to come to current generation consoles, will be released on October 2. The price of the game will be 39.99 euros.


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