Star Wars Squadrons have different graphic improvements.


EA Motive’s space battles game will feature an Xbox Series X / S exclusive 120fps graphics mode, performing on PS5 as well as PS4 Pro.

Not all PS4 and Xbox One games are encouraged to offer a free update that takes advantage of the power of PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, but those who do dare tend to offer a similar result on the new consoles. That is why the case of Star Wars Squadrons draws so much attention, which has two different graphic modes whose availability depends on whether we play on the Sony platform or if we do it on Microsoft’s.

On PlayStation 5, for example, the title only has the quality mode, which mainly improves its lighting. In this mode, the version for Sony’s new console has the same resolution and frame rate as the PS4 Pro (where it moves at 60fps and 1440p or 1800p depending on the mission). Although it also works like this on Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s budget option also includes a performance mode at 1440p and 120 images per second. In turn, its older sister, Xbox Series X, does the same, but all in 4K. The thing would be like this, as the following video from Digital Foundry shows.

  • Star Wars Squadrons on Xbox Series S – Quality Mode (1440p to 60) and Performance Mode (1440p to 120 fps)
  • Star Wars Squadrons on PS5 – Quality mode (1440p or 1800p at 60 fps). No performance mode
  • Star Wars Squadrons on Xbox Series X – Quality Mode (4K @ 60) and Performance Mode (4K @ 120fps)
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The game, which rose with a 7.5 in the MeriStation analysis, where we consider it “a return to the essences”, has sold above EA’s expectations and has revalued the situation of its developer, Motive Studio, who are already working in several games yet to be announced. In recent weeks the title has been updated to include Baby Yoda (the great star of The Mandalorian), but no future DLC or game modes are expected. The arrival of the next gen patch will be the end of Motive Studio to the game, since they already commented that it was not in their plans to offer long-term support. “We have tried to treat it like an old school video game.” In any case, if you have Star Wars jumpsuit and have not tried it yet, we remind you that Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, one of the most successful adaptations of the saga, will arrive on Xbox Game Pass and EA Play this November 10, coinciding with the launch of Xbox Series X.


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