Star Wars: Squadrons enters the Gold stage


The EA Motive title will be released this October without micropayments and at a reduced price, a game designed for lovers of galactic ships.

EA Motive has confirmed through the social network Twitter that the development of Star Wars: Squadrons has finished. The title thus enters the gold phase and confirms its commitment to hit the stores on October 2. The galactic ship simulator from the franchise based on the George Lucas universe aims to be the ultimate space battle experience.

“I am tremendously delighted to announce that after a lot of hard work from the entire team here at Motive Montreal, Star Wars: Squadrons is now aurodium; that is to say, gold ”, explains the creative director of the project, Ian S. Frazier, with a margin for humor. Aurodium is a fictional material from the Star Wars universe, metallic yellow even rarer than gold; also exists in blue.

October 2 on PS4, Xbox One and PC: this is Star Wars: Squadrons

The game will not have any type of micropayments nor will it be a game as a service; in fact, it will come at a reduced price. The goal of EA Motive is that when we buy the title we receive a complete game, seamless and with a traditional business model.

We leave below the technical requirements of the system for the PC version. Star Wars: Squadrons will arrive this October 2 for PS4, Xbox One and PC with cross-play at 39.99 euros ($ 39.99). EA Play members will be able to access 10 hours before launch and buy it with a 10% discount. In Origin Access Premier, the full title can be played in advance.

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In other related news of the title we can learn more about the included campaign mode, which like the rest of the experience can be enjoyed in virtual reality. The gameplay will allow us to deploy space combat in first person in battles 5 against 5 through different multiplayer modes. An original story set in the closing stages of the Galactic Empire and the rise of the New Republic.


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