Star Wars Squadrons and NBA 2K21, march highlights


Microsoft unveiled on Wednesday (3) the games that will arrive on the Xbox Game Pass during this month of March. In celebration of the integration between the service and EA Play, the big news comes from the publisher’s most recent titles (such as Star Wars: Squadrons), in addition to NBA 2K21, Football Manager 21 and expansions.

At this time, all Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can now download Madden NFL 21 on their Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X. The game comes in an enhanced and special version for members of the platform, since active users of the service will be entitled to 3 gold packages in the MUT per month. Tomorrow (4), Football Manager 2021 will be available in its console and PC versions, and NBA 2K21 on consoles and xCloud.

Still in March, are expected to arrive on the Game Pass Star Wars: Squadrons and NHL 21, both exclusively on consoles. Games that arrive in partnership with EA Play do not yet have an official release date, so it is worth paying attention to the next updates from Microsoft.

Until March 8, users will be able to purchase DLCs The Foundation and AWE, from Control, with 50% discount, while the Season Pass can be purchased with 35% OFF. In addition, the Operation 6 expansion of Gears 5 has a 10% discount, giving you the right to new characters, maps and a total renovation in multiplayer.

Finally, some titles will be leaving the Game Pass catalog on March 15th, so be sure to check out our full story with all the games that you will have one last chance to play, if you are a subscriber.

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