Star Wars Squadrons adds a new map


EA Motive Studios will add new content through two new updates to its space battle video game. The developers of Star Wars Squadrons have not raised this title as a service game, which does not mean that they will not offer new content.

Through a press release, Electronic Arts has announced two new updates to “thank their fans for their support.” This is a kind of holiday gift developed in collaboration with Lucasfilm, but players won’t have to wait until December to unpack the gifts (figuratively). A new map and other elements await us for the ship.

It will be next November 25 when the first update is released, which will offer players a new map inspired by one of the Star Wars locations, Port Fostar. It will be available in both Fleet Battles and Starfighter mode. Additionally, users will be gifted with various components for the ship, including a booster upgrade kit, rockets, armor-piercing prototype torpedoes and an antimatter rocket turret.

Another update on the way

The second supply package is scheduled for December. According to Electronic Arts, it will add some of the most requested content by the community. As which? For starters, two iconic starfighters. We are talking about the A / SF-01 B-wing starfighter (New Republic) and the TIE / d Defender starfighter (Galactic Empire). As if that weren’t enough, Motive will implement custom games on the seven available maps, within the Melee and Fleet Battle modes. “These custom games will make it easier for more players to participate in community-run tournaments, which have been popular with gamers since the game’s launch,” they point out.

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Star Wars Squadrons is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Although the studio hasn’t worked on a version optimized for the new consoles, the game works best on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5. The difference is that the title does not run at 120 fps on the Sony console.


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