Star Wars: Rogue Squadron has story praised Chris Pine

Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman) shared with Chris Pine ideas about Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, the upcoming film signed by the director. The information was revealed in an interview with Collider, in which the actor also described the plot as “incredible”.

When asked about a possible role in the feature, aimed at the group of pilots of the Rebel Alliance, the star said: “I spoke to her not about my involvement, but about the story. It looks very, very good. I am ecstatic, excited about what is about to happen. If there is anyone who can reimagine and give a new and fresh life [for the Star Wars franchise], it is she ”.

Pine also talked about the experience of returning to the Steve Trevor character in Wonder Woman 1984, in addition to filming the scene of changing clothes – one of the most fun in the new adventure of the DC heroine. He also mentioned a possible encounter in an alternate universe between Captain Kirk and the Amazon warrior. Check below (in English and without subtitles):

Expansion of Star Wars in theaters

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron surprised fans when it was announced earlier this month by Disney through Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy. The group of pilots of the derivative was first worked in the comics, written by Michael Stackpole (Star Wars Legends) and, later, in games of the franchise.

Although there is little information about the production, it is expected that its premise, tone, characters and events will be adapted for the film version, while it may bring a new story. “We are going to do something original with great influence from games and books. I’m very excited to do it, ”said Jenkins to IGN. The big screen debut is only scheduled for December 22, 2023.



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