Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker: The Crazy Theory About Darth Plagueis’ Film


Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker: The Crazy Theory About Darth Plagueis’ Film. According to this theory, Emperor Palpatine would never have existed in Star Wars 9!

If the reason behind Palpatine’s survival in Star Wars The Ascension of Skywalker has since been explained, a completely wacky new theory may well come to question everything. Indeed, the latter relayed by the ScreenRant site has the hypothesis that Palpatine’s mentor, alias Lord Sith Dark Plagueis would actually hide in the body of his apprentice . And for good reason, if everything leads to believe that the former chancellor is the only villain of the trilogy, a detail however pushes the fans to imagine that he would never have actually returned from the dead. Because indeed, Dark Sidious was not the only one to know the secret of eternal life.

Indeed, we know thanks to the eponymous novel by Rae Carson Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: Expanded Edition, that the Emperor Palpatine therefore returned in the form of a clone. The latter would also have succeeded in transferring his spirit into a new body thanks to the secret of eternal life. A mysterious process which would have been revealed to him by his master at the time, Dark Plagueis. And for good reason, according to the saga, the Sith Lord who was obsessed with the idea of ​​extending his life had then managed to find a way to influence the midi-chloriens to achieve it . An extraordinary discovery which he then shared with his apprentice, before the latter killed him in his sleep.

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Dark Plagueis discovered the secret of eternal life in Star Wars

And this is where the famous theory comes into play! Indeed, for fans of the saga if Dark Plagueis had the secret of eternal life, it is impossible that the latter is actually dead. From there, the Sith Lord would have taken the identity of his apprentice Palpatine to continue his intrigue under cover. A theory reinforced by the fact that the story of his character is only transmitted through the words of Darth Sidious throughout the saga. Finally still according to fans, this scriptural twist could be widely exploited in the next trilogy of the LucasFilm franchise . From there to wonder if a narrative arc around Dark Plagueis could see the light, there is only one step away. Until we know more,discover the period during which the new Star Wars trilogy will take place .


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